Children all across the United States, and specifically in East Texas, live in broken homes. These sometimes-stressful conditions affect even the best single mother or father. Academic success, character development, emotional stability are all key areas that can be reduced when one parent isn’t in the life of a child.

Here are some sobering facts:

  • Nationally, 25 million (33%) of children go to bed every night without knowing who or where their father is.

  • In Smith County, only 20% of students continue to higher education.

  • 75% of TISD is considered economically disadvantaged.

  • 65% of TISD is considered at-risk.

We have a great opportunity to impact the current and future generation in the name of Jesus.

Some goals of this team include:

  • To show the local church that these at-risk children and schools are literally in our backyard, and increase the general understanding of responsibility of local believers.

  • To host regular forums with local pastors and church staff to set up dates so Gospel Village can promote and train the congregation. One mentor from all the churches signed up could double our caseload!

you can get involved:


    • The Mentoring Alliance - sign up HERE.

    • Bev’s Kid Reach Youth Mentoring Program - sign up HERE.

  • 1st Tuesday of Every Month | Discover Gospel Village. Learn the history, mission and vision of Gospel Village and the role you can play in fulfilling the Great Commission by engaging in mutually-transforming relationships with students and families in our community. More info HERE.