East Texas is a beautiful region known for many things: roses, pine trees, lake, medicine & oil. It has been called a place of peace and tranquility, a wonderful place to raise a family, and a community of faith. While these are beautiful details that some residents experience and celebrate, it’s not the experience for all people. In fact, the experience of East Texas for people of color is drastically different than those of the majority.  

No amount of data could accurately summarize the depth of hatred in the hearts of some. Nor could it reflect the growing amount of people who live apathetic of the great conflict in this region.

But the need for restoration and unity is massive with one of the clearest indicators being Sunday morning as one of the most segregated times in this country. In short, we are divided in our faith by color as we proclaim a Christ who preached true unity with one another. How can this be?

The Christian Church as a whole has often been largely silent, ignorant, or at least ineffective in standing up for and caring for those who are marginalized in society. So, we have work to do to.

This team, in partnership with CityServe East Texas, will strive to achieve a variety of goals. In order to move the needle of unity – and for us to embody the Gospel we proclaim – church leadership and followers of Jesus must engage the following:

  • Relationships of mutual trust across the racial divisions the world has created and the church often accepts.

  • Partnerships that will lead to real change and flourishing unity, love, and respect.

  • A voice against injustice.

 you can get involved:

  • 3rd Thursday of every month | Walls to Bridges | Various Churches. For more information or to RSVP contact cwhite@thementoringalliance.com.

  • Consider using the Undivided Curriculum by J.D. Greer and Dhati Lewis for small group discussions. You can learn more HERE.