We are beginning to position our city in a way that will best serve children and adults affected by sex exploitation through stripping, prostitution, and trafficking.

There have been great strides in serving those most vulnerable to sex exploitation and we are eager to maintain the momentum.

The major gateway that keeps the demand for sex entertainment high is pornography – which the local church is mostly silent about. We can have a powerful change in our community in this area through the power of the Holy Spirit and our willingness to speak out and stand up for the most vulnerable.

Some facts about pornography nationwide:

  • 47 percent of families report that pornography is a problem in their home.

  • 68 percent of church-going men, 50 percent of pastors, and 33 percent of women view pornography regularly.

  • 55 percent of married men and 25 percent of married women say they watch porn at least once a month.

  • 76 percent of Christian adults age 18-24 actively search for pornography.

  • 11 years old is the average age that a child will be exposed to pornography.

  • 7 percent of pastors have a program established to help struggling church goers.

We intend to address this issue in our region by hosting a variety of events built to encourage, train, and educate the local community. Some initial goals are:

  • To build a pastors forum to bring awareness and resources that will allow individuals to break free from the addiction of pornography. Success will be determined by the number of churches offering classes and support groups. MORE INFO HERE.

  • Learn how you can be a part of the Conquer Series - A small group class with proven principal to help men conquer porn and live in freedom. Liberty Task Force helping get this series into churches. They lead classes on purity and train leaders to lead classes as well. MORE INFO HERE.

  • To bring awareness to students about pornography and trafficking. The Rescue and Resore program will launch this fall (2019). 

  • To aid in bringing ten families willing to be trauma-trained to care for victims.

  • To aid in bringing awareness to East Texas about existing programs to serve survivors.  

you can get involved:

  • INQUIRE about being one of the ten trauma trained families in East Texas.

  • RESCUE AND RESTORE - volunteer to lead school program for pornography and sex trafficking prevention.

  • REFUGE OF LIGHT - volunteer in Refuge Safe Homes (special training required), teach at the Brave Girl Mentoring program, or work with Refuge of Light in their Boutique Tree Shop.

  • WINGS - “When in Need God Supplies.” See dates on our CityServe Calendar where you can volunteer.

  • Liberty Task Force - serve with them to help prevent pornography addiction through small groups in churches, juvenile system and prisons.