Just like God is moving powerfully through CityServe East Texas, He wants to use the practical love and service of your community to proclaim His love.

We’re excited you’re interested in starting a CityServe campaign where you are.

Here are some practical steps to get started:

  • Identify key pastors and leaders who are passionate about serving your area.

    • This could be as simple as 3 churches uniting to work together, or perhaps there are already groups formed who are discussing bringing a season of service to your community.

  • Identify your top 1 to 3 areas of need in your region.

    • Have a conversation with your mayor or city council members to get their input on how you can help.

    • Consult with local nonprofits, schools, government services, etc.

    • What are the leaders of your community saying is the top issue of need in your area? How can the local Church help make a difference?

  • Initiate an action plan and engage partners.

    • Begin planning an awareness event, service day, or training event.

    • Determine the supplies and volunteers that are needed.

    • Pick a date!

  • Send out the invitations.

    • Organizing church members.

    • Involve other non-planning churches, and other civic or student groups.

  • Serve & celebrate.

    • Execute your service event and celebrate what God does in and through your unified efforts!

We’d love to partner with you to see a movement of God in your city. Contact us at